Thursday, June 12, 2014

This morning we had the pleasure of sharing company with a few former NFL players and a college football coach. One was a former Indianapolis Colt and two were former Pittsburgh Steelers who played in the Terry Bradshaw era. They shared their testimonies and spoke about the brotherhood it takes to be strong Christian men in today's sports world. It was a great message that we all needed to hear. 
Today's game was at the Olympic training area here in Santo Domingo. Now when we think "olympic training area" we would expect big fancy facilities but it was more like a big sports complex with multiple busy baseball fields and basketball courts. The game today ended up a lot like yesterday's game except for the fact that we were on the winning side. A back and forth game eventually went our way and we won 6 to 4 against Universidad Organización y Método.

After the game we were treated to some fried chicken and a nice shoe shine from a few kids looking for some money and food at the restaurant. We've had a lot of humbling experiences so far and this was another big one to add to the list. I'm extremely thankful for all the things I've learned and will continue to learn on this trip. Dios te bendiga!

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