Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Game day in Santo Domingo

Today we all got to witness some baseball history at the oldest stadium in the Dominican Republic. We played against UTESA (Santo Domingo Technical University) at Estadio de La Normal in Santo Domingo. We faced a fair share of adversity today with a hot sun and a comebacker that took our starter out early on. We went on to "balk" the tying run in late in the game. The umpires' reasoning for the balk was that our pitcher held the ball in the set position for too long. He then changed his reasoning to shoulder movement after our coaches explained that there was no rule on holding the ball in the set too long. They went on to score again in the bottom of the 9th inning to give us our first loss. Realizing we had to turn our attitudes around quick for our testimony and gospel sharing was tough although it really put things into perspective. We all understood that the game was nothing compared to our true goal down here, to share the gospel. One of our players shared a great testimony that lead into a Spanish message of the gospel shared by one of the Dominican players on our team, Miguel. His passion for what he was sharing was so great that even the guys on our team who don't speak Spanish were moved. Today was an overall great experience, even after a tough loss. I continue to be thankful and amazed at what God can do!

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