Monday, June 9, 2014


First Sunday down in the DR which means the first church service in Spanish! Today's service was just like any service at home with worship time first, followed by a sermon from the lead pastor. Unlike the majority of people down here, the pastor spoke clear and slow enough for somebody like me to understand a good amount of his message. He preached about having a strong personal relationship with God and how He blesses you in different ways during your life. No matter how rough the circumstances, it's important to have a good relationship with Him. 

After the service we had lunch then left for our second and final game at the stadium in Santiago. Today's game was the closest of all 3 we've played but we still came out on top. After the game we had another guy share his testimony and took pictures with some of the guys we connected with. It's been a blast playing against these young studs! Tomorrow we are playing against the Go Ministry team. The team should be a few older and better than the group we played all weekend. After the game we will head back to Santo Domingo to stay in a hotel for the next 10 days. Already having a blast in this country... Excited to see what the new week has in store.

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