Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2 weeks down, 2 to go

We are already past the halfway point of the trip and it feels like everything has flown by so far. We have practiced at the SF Giants facility in Boca Chica, played against future signees in Santiago, and battled against a few different university teams in Santo Domingo. Along the way we have unified as a team through playing ball, sharing our testimonies, and having discipleship lessons. This is an incredible group of guys that I'm honored to be a part of. It's obvious that God is hard at work with all of us here on this team. 
In the past few days we have enjoyed a 4 game win streak, an off day at a nice tourist market, and a lot of great time in the word. Our wins have been over ISA (Instituto Superior de Agricultura), UNAPEC (Universidad Acción Pro-Educación y Cultura) and UASD (Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo). It continues to be a lot of fun to see how baseball is played here. Some of these college players have made it to academies or even the minor leagues in the past but have moved on to a point in life where they know the need to find real career. Although they could be past their prime, they still play with an great passion for competition and the game. It's exciting to imagine how much we can impact these guys at this point in their lives. We get to share testimonies and messages of the gospel with them after every game. At an important time in their lives where the future is a big question, it's perfect for us to be here sharing with them and doing what we're doing. We all hope and pray that as we are growing together as a team, we are also reaching these guys and impacting them the way they can be impacted. Thanks to all at home continuing to pray, without all of you this wouldn't be possible! Dios te bendiga! 

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