Saturday, June 28, 2014

Last game

Saturday June 28

Today was the first of a couple upcoming bittersweet days. We started off the morning with a great breakfast followed by some personal quiet time to do some reflecting on the trip. After that, former major leaguer Fernando Tatis showed up at the mission for a little bit to talk to us. He explained how he handled being a Christian through the pressures and temptions you face while in the big leagues. It was yet another great moment to make this trip even that much better than it's already been.
In the early afternoon we went back over to the old Angels field right down the road in La Romana. Today was the second game of two between us and UCE. UCE took a lead early in the game that they would hold on to until about the 7th when we finally broke through and started scoring. From that point on we never looked back and went on to win 9-4. With that win we have finished with a record of 16-1-1 with a lot of great memories on the baseball field. 

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