Saturday, June 28, 2014

Basketball day

Friday June 27

Today was another fun filled day with some great new experiences. First off, we went to a beach in La Romana right next to one of the resorts in the city. It was weird seeing Americans on the beach who are here with a completely different view of where we are. It was a nice reminder that as beautiful as the country is, right down the road from a fancy resort there are streets of poverty stricken people who are struggling to get by in simple ways. It gave me a nice little sense of pride for being here with this group of guys doing what we're doing.

After a little relaxation time we left the beach and went back to the mission. We ate a late lunch and then headed over to Boca Chica for a night of basketball at a popular local court. An FCA basketball director who knows our coach managed to round a group of differenct guys to come and play against us. We played two long games with rotations of 5 players switching in every 5 minutes. A lot of the guys were pretty good, they even had an older guy who used to play in the Dominican basketball league and in other Latin American countries leagues. We won the first game then they turned it on the second game and beat us by a lot. After the game we shared a testimony and quick gospel message. It was a lot of fun to be with a different group of guys than we're used to. The experience was another great one to add to the list of all the amazing opportunities here. Dios te bendiga!

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