Thursday, June 26, 2014

God is good!

Wednesday June 25

What an amazing day it was here in La Romana. We went to the newest facility of Hope ministry to help paint their new building and connect with some of the neighbors for most of the day. The neighborhood we went to is one of the biggest in La Romana and covers a large area with thousands of people living in small houses or shacks. The new Hope ministry building has been used as a place to hold medical clinics and will continue to be an important place for the people of the barrio. Once again, we had multiple groups working different jobs. We had some people painting and others out spreading love with the neighbors, especially all the little kids running around. Over the course of the day we all spent a bunch of time with 20 to 30 different kids around the neighborhood. 
Since I'm still trying to work on my Spanish I stayed out and walked the neighborhood the whole day instead of painting. Up until this point I had not shared a message with any people in Spanish or English. It hasn't been that I've been afraid, just a lacking a little confidence in what to say. On the way up to one of the houses I finally felt the Holy Spirit working in me. I knew that it was my time to share so I even spoke to the family in Spanish. It was amazing how easy the words flowed. I felt this weight lift off me as my confidence grew with every word. The family was struggling a bit in their faith as they didn't realize that when you're saved there's no losing your status as a Christian. The mother said that she used to be a Christian but was struggling. To this we responded that even we have tons of struggles. No matter how much sin you're struggling with, God is always with you. We were able to share this message with the family and even pray for their growth in faith and the health of their family. It was an amazing experience to be able to share and connect with this family, especially with the point where they are in their walk. 
After the first round of walking we went to eat lunch at the new Hope building. After lunch I headed out for round two with a group who had no Spanish speakers. At first I didn't realize what this meant but I understood quickly once we entered the house of a young woman. The two Hope ministry interns had me translate everything they wanted to say. Even after facing a few future professional baseball pitchers throwing low 90's with good breaking balls I'd say that this was my hardest experience so far this trip. I struggled a bit translating word for word but I'd honestly say that I think I did a decent job of getting the overall idea of what everybody wanted to stay. I was definitely challenged with some things today but it's amazing what God can do. Through all the challenges I know that He's right there with me helping me out. As we keep going through this trip I'm realizing over and over again how blessed I am. God is so good! Dios te bendiga! 

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