Friday, June 6, 2014

First practice

The first full day here in the DR is a hot one but God has blessed us with a nice breeze to keep us cool. Discipleship after breakfast went well as we had a lesson on Evangelism and how to spread the gospel the right way. After that we had our first practice where we hit in 4 groups for about an hour and a half. The fields at this complex are a lot nicer than I expect fields on the outside to be like. The playing surface here would rival some nice fields back home, especially some in the north. 

Just a fun side note about the complex: There are plenty of Latin ball players here and they all stay near us and take English classes in the classroom connected to our living space. They are on a strict schedule so we don't get to spend much time interacting with them but from the short conversations we've had so far they all seem to be in the age range of 17-19. It's fun to wonder if I could be walking past the next Pablo Sandoval or Jose Reyes when I'm on my way to breakfast or the pool. We've also learned some typical Dominican slang phrases to say so we don't get bored of the typical "¿Como estás?" The ones we've used most so far are "¿Que lo que?" and "Dios te bendiga" which translate to what's up and God bless you. 

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