Monday, June 9, 2014

Santiago -> Santo Domingo

Today we played our 4th and final game in Santiago. This game was against the Go Ministry team at a field a little ways away from where we were staying. The team was made up of some older players with more experience and they battled with us. We held on late and ended up winning, managing to stay undefeated through the weekend. We had a blast with Go Ministry while we were in Santiago and it's obvious that God is doing great things there. 

After the game we loaded up the guagua (Dominican Spanish for bus) and headed back here to Santo Domingo. We will be stationed here at the Jose Contreras hotel downtown for the next ten days. Tonight we got to head over to the closest supermarket La Sirena to buy some snacks to hold us over while we have downtime at the hotel. Tons of great experiences and more to come!

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