Friday, June 13, 2014

Prayers for safe health!

Today we headed over to the field of UNPHU (Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña). We had our 3rd tough game in a row and won, improving to 6-1. The game was another back and forth affair with a lot of runs scored. After some battling, we scored a few runs to take a lead late and never looked back. The field had no fence in the outfield, so any ball hit over the fielders was an automatic triple or home run. This had a different effect on the game and it was kind of fun. It also made for a few interesting encounters with people walking in the outfield on a busy college campus. 

One meeting in particular started after the game was at a complete stand still. Two girls walking to their medical class apparently felt the need to interrupt our game by walking from behind third base to their class in the building beyond right field. The umpires called time as they strutted slowly through the outfield, not around it like the other passersby. Of course, they had to walk directly in front of me. Now these girls felt so entitled that they didn't even feel it was necessary to show the slightest amount of hustle. This was a perfect time to bring out some Spanish for me so I told them, "¡Vamonos!" Then they started snapping back in Spanish telling me they needed to get to their 3 o'clock class on time. I said "¡Pueden caminar alrededor!" (You could have walked around) and pointed a path. They weren't having any of it so they continued to snap at me. I hit them with a "No me digas" and that ended things. Although the two girls might have actually been a little upset, the two benches got a kick out the interaction and wanted to know what was said. It's a blast to use some of my Spanish skills down here, whether it's talking with another player or having some funny come backs to some snappy girls delaying the game. Either way, I've already learned a lot and have seen improvements.
On a more serious note, a bit of a stomach problem has started to make it's way around the team. We don't know if it was something somebody ate or just a bug going around but a few kids have had to sit out games to stay and rest at the hotel. We all have been praying for quick recoveries so that everybody can be healthy and continue to compete. I have been lucky enough to not get sick yet, let's pray it stays that way! Dios te bendiga

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