Sunday, June 8, 2014

Estadio Cibao

Today was one of the longest days we've had so far. We woke up early for breakfast then journied out to a large area of farm land outside of the city. Go Ministries owns the land and is planning on transforming the old yucca farm into a large sports complex with a few baseball fields and basketball courts. The area is in it's beginning stages so we were actually the first American group to work on the land. Half of us cleared out an area they will use for cookouts and the other half spread out sand for one of the baseball fields. We had a lot of fun with that, especially when some of the players from the DPL (Dominican Prospect League) came to help us. They stuck around after that and came with us to a church in a rough barrio across town. In the main floor of the church was a big room where we fed a lunch to a bunch of young kids. We played with them for awhile there then went upstairs into the church to hear the lead pastor speak for a few minutes about the journey of that church. We also enjoyed a nice view outside the window.

After our time there we came back to the place we are staying to eat lunch. After lunch we headed to the big stadium here in Santiago. The stadium belongs to the professional team here called Las Aguilas Cibaeños. Plenty of big leaguers have played there including Miguel Tejada, Al Alburquerque, and Melky Cabrera. The game went well and we won for the second day in a row. After the game, one of our guys shared his testimony with the opposing team in English while a translator helped communicate his message to the DPL players. 

We then left the stadium with some of the opposing team and came back to eat dinner and head to a Dominican Christian rap concert with them. The group is named Cristo Urbano and they performed in a small church in a rough part of town. They were very entertaining especially because of how they got the crowd to dance and sing with them. 

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