Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Sunday June 22

Although there was no game today, we spent a lot of energy with a couple different opportunities. In the morning we went to a small village in Boca Chica to have a couple groups do some different things. One set of guys stayed with some kids having baseball practice to help them out. Another group set out on the streets of the village to spread the word. We had a few neighborhood guides who took us to different houses and share some short testimonies. After that we would pray for each family. Seeing how much we could impact a family with just a short testimony and prayer was incredibly moving. It felt great to finally get out and make connections with people. The baseball connections are amazing but there's something special about walking down a dirt road into a tiny house filled with 6 people and sharing God's love with them. 

After a few hours in the village we went and helped our head coach move. He is in the process of moving to San Pedro to grow FCA in a new place that needs it. It's amazing how much easier a big move is with a full baseball team. What would have taken a long time for a few people took only an hour or so for us. 
Leading up to this trip I wondered a lot about what our time off the field would look like. I imagined a lot of days like this and was a bit surprised to find out it wouldn't be like this until now. That's not to say that the first three weeks haven't been amazing, it's just that I was preparing for more of this. That being said, today was a blast. Even though it's hard work, serving is important and can be a lot of fun. Doing things for the well being of others is what it's all about. Dios te bendiga!

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